Group Of Company

Group Of Company

Our Parent company, Bleach Chem was established in 1987 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) with the interest in manufacturing of bleach liquor (sodium hypo chloride).Subsequently, We have diversified (in a phased manner) our activities in manufacturing of ready made garments, trading of various chemicals, coal, minerals and garments within India and Outside as well.

Group Of Companies:

  • Bleach Marketing Pvt Ltd
  • Bleach Chem Distributors
  • Bleach Chem Exim India Pvt Ltd
  • Bleach Petrochemicals
  • Bleach Healthcare
  • Nidhi Petrochemicals Pvt Ltd
  • Padamavati Salts
  • Rushabh Logistics
  • Bleach Tourism Pvt Ltd

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